Industrial Rolling Shutter – B&D Australia

The Industrial Rolling shutter from B&D has long been the ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications. It features a number of significant benefits to give higher standards of durability, performance and most importantly, operational ease.

This door can be applied to all kinds of industrial units, ware houses , commercial buildings etc.

B&D Rolling shutter can be operated in 3 ways

industrial roller shutters
  • Manual operation
  • Mechanical Operation
  • Electrical Operation (by remote)

B&D Rolling shutters are the optimal solution for any type of industry where there is the need to close medium and large openings, while ensuring fast and safe passage of personnel and vehicles.


  • Prevents penetration of moisture and dust, thereby minimizing the chances of corrosion
  • Strong, while providing an attractive appearance
  • Added protection against dirt, leaves and weather

Less maintenance

No greasing of the door guides is required, and the axle and all other working components have either been manufactured with self-lubricating materials or greased at the factory. To reduce operational and replacements costs, curtains are easily repaired.